Sonia K., Founder of Nature Mary- In a nutshell I am a hippie biologist.  As a biologist I have always been interested in understanding how cells and organisms work.  Biology (the study of life) is very important as it tells us about the natural world.  I feel I have a responsibility to share with people the understanding of living processes for a number of different purposes, including treatment of disease and sustaining the natural environment.

Nature Mary was created because of my personal experience with infertility, depression and anxiety and losing family and friends (younger than 50) to cancer. It has been my quest to find out what could be contributing to the rise of many diseases and what each of us can do to create change in our own lives.  I have chosen to share with people knowledge that empowers them to take charge of their healing and well being.


Nature Mary is a catalyst in helping people feel good and heal, all ingredients provided by nature.


At our core, Nature Mary is set out to empower people to embrace using natural ingredients and educate on the dangers of toxic chemicals in many everyday products.