Who We Are

NatureMary is a brand built on the power of plant terpenes & superfoods. We are not only committed to producing natural self care products, but also products that are made with health and ease in mind. Our products are combined with the purpose of promoting natural wellness, for a healthy & confident YOU



Our founder, Sonia Dawson, is a biologist with a strong background in research. She is also an entrepreneur and mom who enjoys spending time in nature. In fact, she draws most of her inspiration for growth as a person and for lab research from the time she spends there.

The Dalhousie University graduate first came across terpenes while researching their benefits for personal health conditions she suffered (PMDD and anxiety). Drawing from her skills in researching neural plasticity (the ability of the brain’s neural networks to change through growth and reorganization) in spinal cord injuries, she adopted the many benefits of terpenes to wellness products. This resulted in the brand we all know today as NatureMary.

Sonia’s passion for innovation has since continued to grow and NatureMary’s line of products has evolved along with it. Sonia continues to work on products that have a life-changing impact on her customers. Her application of scientific knowledge and methods to skincare and selfcare were the driving forces behind the launch of Caryo Premium Skincare in 2020.

NatureMary reflects Sonia’s passion to not only apply research and development for innovation in skin care, but also her commitment to changing people’s lives with products that are effective at delivering the benefits they promise.

Behind the Name – NatureMary

Sonia draws a lot of inspiration for her brand from the women in her family. These strong women served to set the foundation of the brand that is dedicated to helping people be the best versions of themselves. NatureMary is named after her grandmother, Mary. It is also named for the power that nature provides through the bioactive organic molecules used in all our products.

Strength and power aren’t always about being bigger or tougher than everyone or everything. In fact, the most powerful forces in nature are often the smallest and simplest elements. This became apparent to Sonia when studying the many benefits of bioactive molecules present in plants. This, alongside a legacy of strong women, was the inspiration behind NatureMary. 

“Self-care is your journey, take care of your body, health and mental well being. Thankyou to all our customers that allow us to help them on their journey of self-care and healing”