Great question! Probiotics are microorganisms that can provide positive benefits & help restore the natural balance of your digestive system when eaten in your diet—think yogurt or when taken in the form of a dietary supplement.

At NatureMary we believe the same type of ingredients that are great for you on the inside can also be great for you on the outside & help you achieve healthy-looking skin. We formulate all of our skincare products with probiotic extracts to help restore skin’s natural radiance, improve hydration & smoothness.

100% of NatureMary’s clean & effective skincare products are formulated with probiotic extracts & superfoods. Our formulas contain powerful active ingredients derived from probiotics—to geek out for a moment, they are also called probiotic lysates, which are extracted from various types of probiotics (such as lactococcus, lactobacillus genus & bifidobacterium) so that they are safe & effective for topical use in skincare. Scientists may also refer to these ingredients as POSTbiotics. Oh & many of our formulas also contain PREbiotics, which help nourish and balance your skin. We do not formulate with live cultures in any of our skincare products. Of course, all of our skincare formulas always contain preservatives to ensure that they are safe for their intended use & do not need to be refrigerated.

We know it’s a lot of information & the scientific research & understanding about this field continues to grow & evolve each year. Our founder Dr Roshini Raj is a practicing gastroenterologist so she’s our expert & at NatureMary we always strive to continue to learn & innovate over time & to take you along in the journey with us.

Our products deliver the benefits they promise so feel free to leave the science to us! If you ever have any questions at all you can always reach out at help@naturemary.com.

Great question! In our skincare, we do not use live cultures as it’s basically impossible for them to stay alive through the skincare manufacturing process & survive on the skin, so it is unlikely they can deliver the intended benefits as a result. The good news is, we don’t need live cultures to have a beneficial effect on the skin. The probiotic extracts we use in our formulas are designed for safe use in topical skincare & have been clinically proven to restore skin’s natural radiance, improve hydration & smoothness, & calm the look of irritation. Plus, this means you don’t have to refrigerate your NatureMary skincare products!

In our supplements & ingestible products, we do use live cultures as studies have shown that live cultures are safe, can survive all the way through the manufacturing process and to the gut’s acidic environment & have a beneficial effect.

You do not have to refrigerate any of our products. When it comes to our ingestibles, we are using live cultures that are capable of surviving in the supplement & gummy form, from the manufacturing process all the way to your gut.

As with all ingestibles, there is a period of effectiveness so please make sure to use them by their expiration date.

Our skincare products contain probiotic extracts which do not require refrigeration since they do not contain live cultures.

We work with experienced bioscience laboratories to ensure we are bringing our consumers clean, clinically effective ingredient-driven skincare.

We are highly-selective when it comes to sourcing our ingredients & we only work with manufacturing partners who have stringent quality controls & a strong level of expertise in this field.

Plus, it helps that our founder Dr. Roshini Raj is a practicing gastroenterologist!

NatureMary is clean + effective skincare powered by probiotic extracts + superfoods to help you feel confident in the skin you’re in.

We offer products formulated for optimal skin health that are great for all skin types, skin tones, and skin goals.

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Still have questions? Email us at help@naturemary.com & our expert support team can help find the best products for you.

We don’t have samples available, but we understand the importance of trying products before switching your routine!

That’s why we have a flexible (and free!) return policy. Take some time to give our products a try.

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Why choose between skincare that’s good for you and skincare that works? We formulate with ingredients that are healthy for your skin- probiotic extracts, superfoods + powerful skincare actives that work.

Our approach to clean formulation is simple: We look to research & clinical studies to determine which ingredients we do & don’t include in our products.

We do not formulate with ingredients which have been clinically shown to be toxic, carcinogenic, harsh allergens or irritants that compromise the health of your skin. Our approach is based in science & 100% transparent – you can search on NatureMary.com by ingredient preferences and always see the full ingredient listing on each product page.

We also do not test on animals & are certified cruelty-free.

Feed your skin the good stuff.

We never have & never will test on animals. We’re proud to be certified cruelty-free by the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

We carefully select the best ingredients for our products to be gentle on your skin. However, with children & young teens, we recommend visiting a dermatologist first.

We always include the full list of ingredients on every product page, so you can consult your doctor & they can consider them for you.

Many of our customers have enjoyed using NatureMary products through pregnancy & while nursing, but because everyone’s experience can be quite different, visiting your doctor for a personal recommendation is the best course of action.

We always include the full list of ingredients on every product page, so you can consult your doctor & they can consider them for you.

Oily? Sensitive? Dry? Not sure what your skin type is? We got you.

We know it can be hard to figure out what products are best for you, so we took the guesswork out of the equation. All you need to do is take our Skin Quiz, & we’ll share product picks specifically for you & your skin. We know, we know, not all quizzes are fun – but we promise ours is.

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We’re here to keep it simple. A general rule of thumb is:

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer

If you have additional products & aren’t sure when to use them in your routine, send us a message at help@naturemary.com & a member of our support team will help!

We got you! Although many of our products are suitable for all skin types, we know how hard it can be to find products that are effective & do not irritate your skin.

Keeping this in mind, we developed products specifically for our glow getters who have sensitive skin. Our so gentle duo is a cleanser/moisturizer combo for sensitive skin.

Developed to feed your skin the good stuff (probiotic extracts, colloidal oatmeal, cucumber & ginger) & none of that other stuff (formulated without alcohol, fragrance, sulfates), it keeps skin feeling calm, cool & collected. Oh, & it’s hypoallergenic and vegan!

Spill the beans & take the fun out of it? Nice try!

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Our ingredients and product formulas are tested by third party, independent laboratories to ensure they are safe, effective, and potent. We take our science seriously, and the results are real.

To learn more about our testing process, click hereabout Probiotics.

Great question!

As part of our testing & development, we ensure all formulas remain efficacious in various temperatures & weather conditions.

This ensures that no matter what your package endures on its way to you, it arrives safe, sound & ready to use.

Each of our products will have a number followed by the letter ‘M’ printed on the component. This represents the number of months we suggest you use the product by after opening. 💙

We do not formulate with gluten, however, our manufacturers are not certified gluten-free. Because of this, there is a chance that the machinery may have come into contact with gluten or its derivatives.

If you are especially sensitive to gluten, we recommend testing a small amount of the formula before applying to your full face.

Although all of our products are clean & effective, only some have been tested and certified non-comedogenic.

We’ve included our non-comedogenic products below!

dew your thing oil-free gel cream

keep it clear acne foam cleanser

face filter blurring & moisturizing primer

super soothe calming moisturizing lotion

super calm gentle milk cleanser

brighten up smoothing primer gel

Not sure what non-comedogenic means? These products are formulated specifically to not clog pores. #themoreyouknow

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You sure can! We gladly accept returns without original packaging.

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